a little about me

I'm Lauren, pacific northwest native currently doing life in Seattle, Washington with my favorite human/husband. I created edelweiss in an effort to bring unique, timeless floral options to weddings and events of all shapes and sizes. after years of living in the city, seeking nature's beauty became more difficult, but in flowers, I finally stumbled across a place for my creativity. I am constantly inspired by nature, colors and each seasons blooms. putting together unique and seasonal arrangements to curate something special for your day has become my passion. i'd love to get to know you and make your floral dreams come true!

why edelweiss?

although its delicate appearance may persuade otherwise, edelweiss survives in the harshest of environments - requiring its hunters to risk their safety in order to present it as a symbol of their love . Both noble and rare, the flower balances the line between  beauty and risk, love and grief.

In my designs I seek inspiration from the edelweiss’ sheer determination and strength in the face of adversity.  


-- our work has been featured on wedding sparrow, junebug weddings, 100 layer cake and oregon bride magazine --